With Dhinchak Pooja, Taher Shah & the likes, We are Living in Times of Cringe-Pop Music

Taher Shah’s 2013 musical marvel changed the way the world likes music to be. It was the start of a new sub-genre of popular music. This time around what amused us wasn’t the talent or the good quality of music. It was the sheer stupidity that reflected from these songs. The no talent of these artists work like magic for the audience. Taher Shah’s iconic Eye to Eye made an impressionable mark on our memories almost scarring it forever. We all shared his track that has 3 and half million views on Youtube making him the first ever famous idol of Cringe-Pop.

2016 was the other lucky year when Taher Shah returned for us as an angel, literally. Dressed in an ill-fitted maroon moronic robe with lady-like tiara, Taher Shah yet again confused the world with his effeminate personality. Angel {pronounced as un aenjal} was an ultimate tear jerker (tears of laughter) with deep lyrics that could make you drowsy and not let you sleep at the same time. This exceptional, hard-to-define video has a whooping touch-6 million views.

Exceeding other rotten talents with her peerless super powers at being horrible. She is a style icon for all the failed causes that live in this planet. Oozing with meaningless confidence, this untalented musical diva is Dhinchak Pooja (The Dhinchak makes you want to give up on her immediately) With over 7 million views on YouTube, she makes the rest who makes sense look like the actual fools.

Why do we enjoy this kind of music? Is it the unbelievably crappy quality that amuses us or have we begun to actually lean towards the bad quality? The world is such a place where you will be a rockstar if you are too brilliant or absolutely horrendous. Either ways you become popular and the talk of the town.

On that note, I will part with an even trashy track with almost 10 million views because he is a very good bad boy. Whatever!

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