Ranbir Kapoor Nails It As Sanjay Dutt

Every time someone makes a biopic, we wonder why this person and what’s so intriguing about his or her life! Our preconceived notions play an integral part in our decision making process, whether to watch the biopic or give it a pass. The trailer of the much-awaited biopic Sanju on Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt stuns the audience and looks more than promising. However, this makes us wonder if all the other biggies from the Hindi film fraternity will too jump on the bandwagon and make movies on their lives.

It is a noticed trend that the audience is more welcoming and receptive towards biopics made on sports personalities and politicians. In reality, we waste most of our energy and curiosity finding out the darkest and most interesting secrets about movie celebrities and their personal lives. Raju Hirani, already known for his unparalleled movie-making calibre, has taken a huge step by making the film ‘Sanju.’ The teaser as well as the trailer of the upcoming Ranbir Kapoor starrer is gaining positive reviews and is being loved by most viewers.

Besides Sanjay Dutt’s  meandrous phases and ceaseless ups and downs of life, the film is backed by Ranbir Kapoor’s exceptional screen presence as Sanju and whatever little bit of his performance we get to watch in the trailer, he is transcendent in this character.

Who could have imagined Ranbir Kapoor as a fit to play Sanjay Dutt onscreen! It is Raju Hirani’s and Abhijat Joshi’s vision that has translated so remarkably as a film. The movie spans over Sanjay Dutt’s life so far, and showcases his various sides and roles in life —  a son, a movie actor, a friend, a lover, a husband, a drug addict, an alleged terrorist, a sinner, an anti-national and more. The trailer beautifully illustrates his varied faces – emotional, vulnerable, macho, professional as well as strong. The trailer has risen hopes and expectations for this film. June 29th is the day of verdict for Sanju.

The film also stars Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Manisha Koirala, Paresh Rawal and Diya Mirza is prominent central roles.

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