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Some Denim Staples for your College Wardrobe

Your wardrobe can never be complete without this. It is a quintessential piece of fabric that is ‘never out of fashion’ and is an ‘all season outfit.’ Yes, you guessed it right! Denims are a must-have and not only the jeans kind.

With the time for admissions ripe, this would be the right time to get your basics in place. For, when there is so much stress and panic around the results, entrance exams and admissions to college of choice, there must be something that should be woe-free. Let it be the denim pieces you own that gives credibility, flair, comfort and adds effortless style to your persona, making you feel a sense of confidence that is customary for your exam day and again as you join a college because it’s true: “you feel good when you look good.”

While jeans are the staple outfit of every wardrobe, whether it is a teenager, a middle-aged woman or someone in their 20s, there are many other options available with the fabric and there’s no stopping from experimenting with the look. Go ahead and look your best with these summery looks:

‘The Evergreen Jeans’

Sometimes it’s just not a simple pair of jeans – it’s to do with your memories and the feeling that a pair of old jeans can still look so good on you. Whatever your style maybe, different styles, cuts and designs are laid for everyone out there – from skinny to skinny slim to high rise stretchable with a smooth silhouette, low waist, cropped, flared and bootcut, pick one from every style and design or just choose the style you like and team it up with absolutely anything.

After all, comfort chic creates a fashion statement and nothing more comfort chic than a pair of blue jeans (maybe with that stretch factor for the super comfort) that fits you well, compliments your body type and makes that arse look oh so good!

The classy & comfy Jumpsuit

When it comes to overalls, nothing can be better than a jumpsuit that is comfortable, stylish and can be worn to your classes, to a casual party with friends or even at a college fest. They can be off-shoulder or like a shirt or a tee from the top or even look like a halter dress with flared, cuffed legs or a fit-to-body ensemble. Simply put on a jumpsuit and voila! You are ready in no time.

If you don’t own one yet, it’s time you do as it’s a go-to-piece anytime, even for a Sunday brunch or an outing with friends. Whether a short sleeve version or one with longer sleeves or no sleeves at all, it is always one of the timeless classic denim you should not be living without. Anushka Sharma’s love for denims, with especially the off-shoulder slit jumpsuit she wore to Sachin’s movie premiere can lend you some inspiration to wear the trendy outfit with élan and add oomph to your aura.

Ripped Jeans

If you are wondering why ripped jeans are so popular, well, nothing else quite makes you look and feel like the rebel you are especially in your college days. Whether you have followed the punk music style or the 90s grunge or the rap music or not, when you rip up your classic denim wear, even your plain old worn out jeans looks badass. There are different types of ripped: from a hole to a scrape or a shred but whether they are placed correctly, are of the right size and shape and are perfect in number matters, for you to naturally sport the edgy, grungy rocker look.

P.S. It goes with striped shirts, cool tees and t-shirts and even with oversized jumpers.

The pretty and cute skirt

Chambray, the light-weight equivalent of denim is in and is as comfortable as it gets. Both chambray and jean skirts can make you look like a fashion diva, cute and casual at the same time. While some of them have patches, frilly ruffles and come in floral or geometric designs, there are others that are ripped, asymmetrical, high-waist or flared or you could go with mini denim skirts if that suits your style.

Feel-good Trench Coats

With a belt and available in different shades, the denim trench coat can make your normal V-neck tee and blue jeans or even a printed kurta and legging look fabulous as your outfit becomes all the more elegant, classy and yet keeps it casual for a college wear.

With a collared dress look, the trench coat is quite comfy, street chic and breezy for a hot summer lecture. Breezy fabrics like this one will help you cool off the summer heat as well. Trench coats can easily be paired with skater dresses for a girl’s night out or chilling at a coffee shop on a summer evening.

The Jacket & Overalls

Cute, simple, all-time classic and an outfit with pockets for keeping your knick-knacks, the denim jacket can easily be your favorite piece of clothing both for summers and winters. Be it oversized or just the right size, it can instantly change your look into something uber-cool.

Think of a jumper, ripped jeans, ankle-length boots and a denim jacket and you are sorted for your classes, events, fests or getting that evening snack from the shop near your college campus. It can be layered with your muscle top, tank top, knits, dark-wash skinnies and comfortable sneakers as well. The best part is that a denim jacket will never grow old (even as years pass and your style changes) or out of fashion; it is like that statement jewellery that can go well with dresses, the casual look or even the date look.

The overalls are becoming a top contender in the fashion A-list must-haves as it highlights your body shape and makes curves look sexy. The button down ones or the ones that are broad from the waists for you to slip in into them have become ubiquitous pieces for some weekend fun with friends.

Dress it up!

Whether the ones that are halter necks or are knee length, off shoulder or the long maxi styles, denim dresses and their soft doppelgangers, the chambray dresses can help you score big on style while prepping you up for your beach holiday plans with your college friends.

Shorts and cut-offs

The springs and summers can never be complete without a pair of shorts, two-fourths or cut-offs in your wardrobe. It is as versatile a piece of clothing as to stick with you during your night outs with friends when teamed with a sporty looking tee or for the party paired with a peplum top.

Denim Heels

The new-in trend denim heels are the wedges that are simple chic and a pair to own this season. The love affair that once starts with your denim heels would be one you would never want to end. This is a timeless classic that goes and looks great with anything. You would never have to worry for your date nights, weekend trips and even if you want to dance in the college fest. The denim heels takes care of all your feet woes and makes you look cute at the same time.

As college begins, so does a new phase of your life. Be ready to take it on like a pro and look like a queen with your personal touch to the latest denim trends and every denim outfit you own!

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