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Exfoliate your Way to a Healthy, Radiant Glow this Summer

While in India, summers can bring a horrifying experience, especially for your skin that suffers the scorching rays of the sun and the warm breeze that brings air pollutants even closer.

Winters still makes it easier with layers of clothing to protect yourself from exposure to the harsh sun and the cold simultaneously but summers make it essential for you to keep your skin at the top of your beauty regime – it needs your gentle care more so that it does not become flaky, scaly, dull and sallow. Anyway, who would not want a refreshing glow or a healthy tan without hair ingrowing on their skin?

With the temperatures soaring and the weather being torrid, it is time to prep your skin up to make the heat a little more  bearable – not only by sipping on smoothies and lemonade, but by making your skin feel light, hydrated and clean.

Exfoliating is the only way to do it right. This process especially if done with a loofah, a soft mitten or an exfoliating brush dissolves or removes the dead skin cells to make your skin look healthy, as it balances the pH value of your skin and makes it feel smooth. Removing dead skin cells can also help those who have thick inner hair growth to make the hair grow superficially through the skin and not inside the epidermis layer.

A regular exfoliation means slowing down the ageing process and renewing the skin with new healthy cells replacing the dead ones. This also means a bright, vibrant looking complexion with fewer wrinkles and other ageing signs on your skin.

The advertisements that flaunt soft, smooth skin may look like a dream or a fantasy to you but regular exfoliation can help you achieve that soft skin and make your daily moisturizers work better to have the real effect.

Using an exfoliator like sponge, face and body scrubs that are gentle to your skin once or twice every week is advisable. Ingredients such as sugar, sea salt or other natural and non-acidic substances like bamboo, beads or your kitchen regulars like curd, cucumber, oatmeal or lemon can come to your aid and improve your blood circulation too.

However, if you are planning on too much of sun exposure like spending your summers on a beach or by going for some outdoor sports practice, exfoliation can open up your pores for more dirt and grime to sit through the inner layer of your skin.

Regular cleansing, toning or moisturizing can never be enough for your skin to look and feel its best, especially in summers. These will not work on your skin up to their best possible effect as until the dead skin cells are removed to regenerate new ones (that only a good exfoliator can uncover), the skin pores can become clogged with the excess oil resulting in acne, blemishes and other skin related issues.

While sensitive or acne-prone skins need a truly gentle exfoliating product like fruit-based masks and peels or ones with butter, ginger and fruit acids, for other skin types, even manual exfoliation in circular motions around the skin area can bog off the dead skin cells gently. For deep exfoliation, ground coffee beans, beads, natural green tea, papaya, poppy seeds, strawberry, apricot, mango seeds, honey and alpha hydroxy acids can do wonders.

Chemical exfoliation once a month with ingredients like lactic acid will soothe and soften your skin to highlight your freshness and inner beauty that will not leave your side the entire summer. It’s best to leave your summer woes to your daily beauty regime that cannot be complete without an exfoliator!

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1 Comment

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