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Skincare 101: Help your skin
feel better this summer

Sticky, oily and damp – this is precisely how your skin feels during summer. It is again that time of the year when no amount of hard work for your skin seems adequate. But, the idea is to keep going and not give up. The moment you hit the helpless and fed-up button, your skin only begins to get worse. It is absolutely important to remove some extra minutes out of your busy and hectic schedules to make your skin feel loved. Do it or you will regret it. After all, summers are not exactly very skin friendly.

Here are some ways you can protect what’s yours:

Turn into a water baby

By that, I mean, hydrate your skin externally and internally. Keep splashing some cold water (normal cold, not frigid) on your face every now and then. Don’t let sweat make its way to your face and settle, keep rinsing to feel fresh. Drink, drink and drink more – Water! H2O can be your savior. It is totally necessary to maintain your water levels and stay properly hydrated.

Undress your skin

Yes, it is possible. Don’t get gory with ideas of literally peeling off the skin. Exfoliation is a must for your skin during summers. Ensure you scrub and doff the dead skin and let the newness make its way. This is the best way to keep your skin healthy and alive.

Dehydrated skin is dooms day


Besides washing up and going the natural way, it is crucial you take utmost care of your skin using skin toners and moisturizer lotions. Help yourself with these extra supplements to keep your skin breathing with the right amount of moisture.

Have your guards up

Yes, you need to shield your skin and protect it from the damaging sun rays. Apply a good quality sun screen lotion that can protect your skin from further harm when you are out doors.

Go the natural way

Haven’t we all grown up listening to homemade tips for better skin and glow? And, guess what, it works. Use gram flour (Besan) with milk to cleanse your skin, apply turmeric and rose water to remove tanning and also, make use of fruit remains, like, orange peel, mango peel for soothing and moisturizing your skin.

Little is better

Summer time is the official time for you to break up with your makeup kit. The lesser you use on your skin the better you feel and look. Avoid embarrassing yourself from over doing and going the loud way with your makeup. All your facial skin needs is a base that lets it breath while it glows just more than usual. Be smart and work on your eyes and lips – no stopping there! You can play well with some strong eye makeup and enhance the way your eyes look. Also, go all out with happy shades for your lips this summer – right from the nudes and fades to vibrant pinks and classic reds. Your lips can definitely be your asset feature during these warmer months of the year.

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