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Some Important Fashion Cues for This Season by Talksassy

No one needs an excuse to be fashionable and in-style. It has become such an essential that there is a fashion must-have or must-do for almost everything or every time. With 2018 hitting mid year, let’s get some quick fun fashion tips from fashionista and stylexpert – Shambhavi Mishra, an Ex-journalist and Anchor with over 10 years of experience in creating Fashion & Beauty content for her website ‘www.talksassy.com.’ She was also titled as one of the leading beauty bloggers of 2017.

Here’s what she has to say for those who like to keep it swanky:

A look that is always in vogue:

Classics. Nothing beats a basic white tee and a blue denim with nude pumps. Also, keeping the tropical weather in mind, floral-print long maxi dresses can make you look great. Or anything soft, flowy and nice-to-feel. She says, “I am fan of chiffon as a fabric. I think I can wear chiffon all my life.”

Fashion dope for college-goers:

It has to be extremely comfortable yet something that makes you stand out. Though it is always a personal choice what one wants to wear, college wear should be something which is fun but at the same not too loud. There’s a fine line, keep it casual and stylish without crossing the line. And, it goes without saying, save your little black dress (LBD) for the party.

Date night recommendations:

Fashion choices always depend on how you are as a person. What you wear defines you at certain level. So, it’s essential you define yourself carefully on an important night. As far as date nights are concerned, it totally depends on what you have planned as an outing, it could be a movie date, a dinner date or a drive away. A red maxi dress or a floral mini dress is something that will always work for you.

Greatest fashion must-haves of all season:

A good pair of nude and black color heels because they compliment almost everything. A couple of good pink lipsticks, well-fitted denims (make sure you own a basic blue one), some cotton slogan tees and last but never the least, a black kajal. Basics are always a fashion blessing!

How should your Monsoon closet look-like?:

With Monsoons just around the corner, it is a much-needed advice for most. Monsoons are fun but humid. So, go to organic fabric – choose cotton over everything else. Stay away from tight clothing for a few months while it rains and makes you sweat, opt for flats especially if you need to walk and you can experiment with some neon colors this season. Just don’t forget to carry fun umbrellas, it most certainly adds to your style statement.

Beauty hacks for a healthy skin: 

When it comes to skin, less is always more. It is extremely important for you to understand your skin. Say a big ‘yes’ to home remedies. To begin with, you can use a quick Besan (Ground flour) scrub or a 5-minute Dahi (curd/yoghurt) face pack. Try face mists if it suits you it can do wonders for you. If you follow the basics of skincare – Cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day, you are all set.


The sassy talker had some really invaluable fashion and beauty ideas for you readers. She shared her wisdom and signed off saying – “The good thing about fashion is there is no rule book. So, be yourself and be confident.”

Photos taken from @talksassy – Instagram

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