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Stylish Bottoms for Every Chic Girl’s Wardrobe

A long skirt

You are missing out on both, comfort and style if you don’t have a random pleated straight skirt. It can be paired with any type of a top and any type of footwear. You can walk around turning plenty heads with this skirt worn with either a crop top or a tucked in T-shirt. Any occasion, from chilling with friends to dining out somewhere classy. This is a multipurpose skirt.

Mid-rise Dressy Track Pants

So comfy and fashionable! With colleges about to reopen, this is probably the first thing you should get for yourself. A dressy track pant is a stylish must-have for every girl. It can be paired with T-shirts as well as lacy girly tops. Combine these pants with heels for a fun night out or wear lace-ups for college and movie outings. With these, you don’t have to trade comfort to look chic.

Loose Trouser Pants  

Best for petite girls, but can be a hit with girls of all heights and body types. Loose trouser pants are just right to mix with a variety of tops. Changing your footwear to go with it can define your look. From heels, fancy ballerina shoes to casual oxfords – can all look great with these pants. Now look mod and be cozy!

Sheer Flare Skirt

Your wardrobe is meaningless if you don’t have a sheer flare short skirt. A girly bottom to go just right with shirts, T-shirts and tops as well as looks great on all types of shoes. You can wear them to every occasion and blend well with the purpose. These are chic and keeps you comfortable.

A Ripped Skinny Jeans 

The bottom wear advice column is incomplete without the ripped skinny jeans. It will be appalling if you already don’t own one. This basic bottom that can survive through all fashion seasons is a universal choice of every girl. What ever your size maybe, a skinny jeans makes you look just perfect. Couple it with all types of tops, shoes or jewelry. You will walk out looking like a stunner.

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