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Trousseau for Your Beach Trip this Summer

Summer time calls for a trip for sure. And, if you don’t take a trip to a beach during the hot days of the year then you are not enjoying your summer enough. Running across sandy beaches, laying under the shining sun and swimming and playing in the water are all a must to beat the heat. Are planning a trip to a beach or a coastline resort already?

Here are few suggestions for what apparels you should pack for your much-awaited beach outing.

Swim Wear

This is common sense. It isn’t possible you leave for a beach vacation without a swim wear. It is almost mandatory. Get a cute bikini or a trendy monokini suitable for your body and get ready to slay the heat. There are plenty options out there for you when you go swim wear shopping. Get a girly flare bikini top and matching bottoms. You can also buy embroidered designs, colorful art prints, florals, neons and plains. Get the chic look for your beach time.

Bohemian Summer Dress

Carry simple to wear clothes that you can slip in easily. Stay comfortable with these loose outfits. High on fashion, Bohemian summer dresses make you look stylish and keep it comfortable at the same time. You can match your beach dress with some light jewels too. Dress in these post your beach bath or for your evening strolls by the coast.

Long Flare Skirt

Your summer trip will be incomplete without flaunting those flares. Get yourself a summery colored long flare skirt, twirl for fun and play a butterfly. This girly outfit is an ideal pick for a day time lunch with friends, evening ramble in the market and bayside dinner. Pair it with suitable light jewelry and a spaghetti stringed crop top. Look perfect through out.

Short Shorts

How is even possible that you don’t pack a pair of shorts! I say pack a few. Summers are not summers without a pair of short shorts. Everyday may not be a bathing day. If you just want to enjoy a lazy day out in the beach town, get on a pair of short with a casual top. You will be all set to take on the streets for some regular day’s fun while you look just enough fashionable.

Sheer Short Dress

Please don’t come back yet from your trip if you haven’t partied and wasted a night away at a club swaying to some music. To go with the beach mood and the club style, opt for a sexy sheer dress. Look cute, chic and classy all at once. This is a must-pack if you have a night planned in advance. Make the heads turn with your peerless look.

High-rise Flare Short Skirt

Pack casuals! They are absolutely compulsory from the fashion point of view. Get some nice prints for yourself. Prints that make you feel breezy already. A high-rise short skirt will be an ideal pick for meals with friends, market hopping, biking around the beach town and strolls. Couple it with a t-shirt crop top or a tank top. And, flat slippers will come to your rescue throughout.


Get dolled up for your beach trip before the rains takeover. Enjoy the sun away from the city sweats and heat attacks. Unwind yourself and prep up for the monsoon with a tad of sun. Have fun and stay cool!



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