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Your Summer Day Looks
Edition: Summer 2017

Scorching heat and greasy humidity is driving us crazy!

While we only hope to sit under a cool shower and never ever step out. We all know, this is not even remotely possible. As we go about our life and duties, it is important we beat the heat in style. Besides the roasting weather, every summer also comes with a promise of some sweltering hot fashion tips and ideas.

Summer of 2017 is no different. Gear up for some fun fashion commands for the summery months this year. Here is how you can keep it casual, fashionable and summery:

Keep it simple. Keep it flowery.

Spring has just left and summer has come knocking at our doors. It is still time for the flower power. Put on some floral prints to look your refreshing best and stay in style.

Bright colors for the bright days

Have you packed away the reds, yellows and blues? Then unpack them back. Summer days call for some real cheery and happy colors. Paint your town with vibrant colors this season.

Stay cool with some cool basics

Take on the sun with some loose tops and ripped jeans. What’s better than sporting a casual summer look? You can pair your jeans and tee with comfy lace-ups.

Odd works wonders (…sometimes)

Match what doesn’t match. Don’t go on a retarded journey, but, mix & match your wardrobe with some non-pairs. Play with a lacy sleeved tee and a flowy skirt for your day wear. You would be surprised how good this can look.

No summer without shorts

It is not summer if you don’t sport a pair of shorts. Why not combine your favorite jeans shorts with a bell-sleeved top! Keep it casual and cute.


Don’t sit around wondering how to fight the sun. Slay in style with some simple outfits. If you already don’t own these, go get them because your wardrobe is incomplete without these summer must-haves.

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