Chris Cornell – Reminiscing some of his landmark performances

In a shocking revelation, sources close to the legendary American musician and songwriter, Chris Cornell have announced that he is no more. His death at merely 52 not only took his fans by surprise but even his family intends to probe his “sudden and unexpected” demise, while on a tour.

As far as the reports go, Cornell had his live performance at a show in Detroit just a few hours before his death and was looking forward to a US tour in the end of May.

His band, Soundgarden, formed in 1984 originally with lead guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Hiro Yamamoto came to be known for their Grammy Award-winning recordings, Black Hole Sun and Spoonman under the album, Superunknown.

Soundgarden got international acclaim and won several awards for the album, the singles, and the music video for Black Hole Sun. The band broke up but there was a reunion in 2010. While 2011 witnessed the band’s first television appearance, 2012 was privy to the launch of a new single, “Live to Rise”, which was used as the soundtrack for the movie Avengers.

Later, he formed the group Audioslave in 2001 which came up with three albums, one after the other and spawned hits but his career as a musician spurred well as a solo singer and lyric composer. Euphoria Morning was his first solo album in 1999 followed by Carry On in 2007, Scream in 2009 while his last was Higher Truth as latest as 2015. The latter was a hit and featured among the US top 20. He also created a live album called Songbook in 2011.

He in fact, even wrote and performed the theme song for Casino Royale,You Know My Name’ in 2006 and went on to win a nomination for the Golden Globe awards for the song, ‘The Keeper ‘ for the film, ‘Machine Gun Preacher (2011).

As a tribute to the legendary grunge vocalist of Seattle, here are some of his top, most beautiful, everlasting performances:

A song by Audioslave, this was the second single and it topped the Billboard charts. The group’s biggest US hit; all the songs for Audioslave were written by Cornell.

Cornell’s successful foraying into movie soundtrack compositions, this song from Soundgarden became a hit as much as the movie it was sung for – Avengers.

Creating music with spoons, pots and pans and matching the tone with the perfect rhythm and grooves, this song from Soundgarden’s studio album, Superunknown will make you miss an entire era of this genre of music.

The song that won him a position in the Golden Globe nominations, this will make you fall in love with Cornell all over again.

The fourth album by Soundgarden and its most successful one – Superunknown featured a new bassist, Ben Shepherd and went on to become a breakthrough album topping the charts and the Billboard. The album also got nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

James Bond movie Casino Royale’s feature song, You Know My Name is way underrated especially with its meaningful lyrics that would make you think a little about life (…and death).

With an unmatched voice, Cornell was a hard rock legend and this song represents just that. It is nothing short of a landmark song that would always come to mark his indomitable presence as a grunge artist.

At the end, I am just going to leave you with this quote from one of his songs: “Life is gone, with just a spin of the wheel.”

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