What on earth is the Ransomware Virus?

Unaware of what had hit the world, I was passing my day in full glee chatting away with family and friends on Whatsapp. While I did my own thing, I heard my mother discussing about some kind of virus that infected my sister’s laptop.

From call to Whatsapp messages, the concern about the escalation of this virus spread across messages. My phone began beeping with messages from different senders about the same virus plague. It was time for me to take this more seriously.

I had to literally sit my mother down and explain to her that it was not just another virus. The joke was why would anyone name it ”Ransom”? In my head, I thought maybe because they ask for a ransom in return of the hacked data or the split literal translation as in they ran some virus. Never mind!

Finally, courtesy all the social media information flood, I can now call myself a Ransomware virus pro. No, I definitely cannot create or run one, but I understand the basics of it.

What we need to know:

Ransomware Virus, also known as WannaCry/WanaCryt0r 2.0, is a baleful software that has disturbed thousands and thousands of computers in a global outbreak. It coops up the files on your system and converts them into codes that you cannot use any longer.

Ransomware hacks your computer via either a bad email that you have clicked open without knowing or by a wrong download. It finally holds on to data or files you may need to ransom. The virus clearly calls out for payments in bitcoin if you wish to recover your encrypted information. Although experts do not warranty confirmed access post the payment.


That’s all I know. Thanks to all the Whatsapp messages that poured in since evening.

While this leaves my sister panicking, I wonder if she is going to get back her data without any sort of payment. For now, the way things are going, looks like we all just WannaCry.

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