Are you following up on these latest Instagram updates?

This month started off on a great note for all the social media frenzies out there! At Facebook’s F8 annual conference, a host of new updates were announced for Facebook and Instagram. From Facebook dating, sharing VR memories to video calling on Facebook-owned Instagram, there’s a lot that is happening in the world of social media and coming to our digital screens this year.

If you’ve missed out on any of these latest updates, here is our checklist of what all has already been launched and the updates that will soon make their way through our Instagram pages:

Uploading Multiple Photos/Videos

A week prior to the conference, an Instagram update was launched to help users post about 10 photos or videos to their Instagram stories and preview them as well before uploading. Just a tap on the top right corner of your Instagram page will help you sort the pictures/videos from your media gallery and once you select the previews on the edit page, they will be uploaded in order of your selection.

You can also edit each of these photos and videos with texts, emojis or a location sticker to tag the place from where the media was captured.

This comes along with the all-encompassing Data Download /Portability Tool that helps you export all your content that you’ve uploaded on Instagram including photos, messages, videos and even archived stories.

Adding Hashtags

Whether for business or for leisure, whatever purpose your instagram page has, adding functional and clickable hashtags to your post makes more people approach your posts. A simple @ or # in your bio will appear as a live link.

Focus Portrait Mode

This new feature called the Focus Portrait Mode focuses on the main subject of the picture, keeping the background a bit blurred for a professional ‘Background Defocus’ effect. Now instagram stories can be a whole lot more professional with improved image quality – and all without any extra cost or professional camera training.

Now what to watch out for: The F8 conference listed out several other uber-cool Instagram features that make the social media channel even more popular and a single roof for all social media needs.

Group Video Chat

Now you can video call your friends and either have a private discussion or a group video chat. Once this feature is launched, a new icon will appear next to the private DM threads,so clicking the icon would enable you to have a video call with one or more of your Insta buddies. Just like Facetime or Skype, you’d be able to minimise the video calling feature to scroll through your Insta feed.

Share GoPro footage or Spotify songs

This is a great upcoming feature for both adventure pros and music lovers. Modify your Instagram stories by adding your favourite songs from your Spotify playlist that you can actually listen to, with the new ‘Sharing to Stories’ feature. Just a tap on the share icon on Spotify will make the song or album appear as a sticker on your Instagram story. For GoPro junkies, Instagram will now allow you to share your footage and since these are deep links, the Storify song or GoPro footage is what will directly open.

Explore Page

The revamped Explore Page on Instagram will let you browse through content as per your interests so you can pick the content you’d like to see instead of the option of only Instagram picking the posts you’d like. You can also choose to interact with the business pages you want to. Here’s to a personalised Instagram experience!

More such attractive features will soon be on board – Filters with AR Camera Effects, hiding users who are bullying or harassing behind the anonymity of their screens and more.

Now from virtual meetups to exploring new camera effects, there are endless possibilities to your Instagram experience!


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