When a little ‘covfefe’ is all you need to get you through life’s mess

If you are putting up with the exam fever for college admissions, a little freshly brewed ‘covfefe’ can help you stay up and alert to prepare for your entrance tests.

If you have reached the boiling point with your work pressure and mean boss at office, you have to understand that when life gives you a ‘covfefe’, you have to take it all in.

If you are trying to figure out the word’s meaning like most of US President, Donald Trump’s 31 million Twitter followers, you will be disheartened. Rather, step up as this is your chance (probably, the one and only!) to acknowledge and be a part of Trump’s ‘secret dictionary’ that normalizes such ‘covfefe’.
Most of all, Trump has managed to keep Tweeples awake all around the world with his late night tweet yesterday: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”, only to pull their hair out – baffled, nervous and worried at the US Presidency and its aide that let out such disorientation of thoughts go out to the world, unprecedented and unchecked.
If you have not gone through the numerous memes, tweets and the field trip that Twitteratis have had the whole day today, both in US and other countries, here’s your chance to soak it all in:

And, so the ‘covfefe’ wave began – never to end. As even when Trump decided to delete the ‘covfefe’ tweet six hours after posting it, after Twitteratis had their share of fun and contemplated motivations behind the word (from sarcastic take on his language efficiency to someone buying the domain – to people even looking the word up on Merriam dictionary and thinking of the word to have its roots in another language probably known to Trump to coming up with film scene parodies and even celebs like Jimmy Kimmel joining in), he thought it best to not come up with any clarification, whatsoever and let people have some more fun.

To which, there have been some replies as well, like this one:

While Trump’s inept attempt at talking about the negative press coverage would take you away from life’s cobweb of troubles, at least for a short while, maybe, for Trump, this is going to define his future cobweb (or shall I say, the ‘covfefe’?) of troubles.
What seems like a possible attempt at increasing his number of followers and retweets, Trump has played his ‘covfefe’ well, must say. Just don’t be surprised if you spot the word in a renowned dictionary tomorrow – it would be just another one of Trump’s ‘covfefe’ effect that spurs controversy!


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