NASA Is Gearing Up To Fight Alien Forces


If it wasn’t for DC or Marvel, we wouldn’t have been introduced to the world of super heroes! Marvel creator Stan Lee would be real proud reading about NASA’ s newest job listing. As bizarre as the job profile sounds, we may require such expertise in the future considering we are planning to colonize other planets in and beyond our solar system.

NASA is on the lookout for Planetary Protection officer. Yes! You heard it right!  The job which is based out of the U.S. is open to U.S. citizens and nationals only and is for a period of 3 years which could be extended for another 2. As exciting as the job sounds, it comes with a baggage of requirements and skills.

Protecting the planet sounds like a super hero’s job and with the kind of profile listed on the site, one would really need to become a ‘HERO’ if one desires to make the cut.

Read more about the unusual job posting here

Becoming an engineer is itself such a daunting task. Imagine what it would mean having an overall expertise in all the departments. And that’ s not it, previous experience in space programs is also a must. And this is just one part of the skill set described in the job profile!

Now let’s come to the point of alien invasion. Organic matter that doesn’t form a part of our biosphere or other celestial body is considered foreign in nature thus alien. So, the task of the officer in hand is to ensure cross contamination between Earth and other planetary objects doesn’t occur. Crazy, Huh!

If you are interested in learning more about NASA’ s latest job hunt, check out the U.S. government’s job portal. And for those feeling left out because of ‘nationality’ being a barrier, worry not. In case there is no one that fits the profile, non-citizens too will be considered.

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