Salman Khan & His Tryst with ‘Conceit’ – A Miserable Relationship at Best

Last year, around this time our beloved Salman Bhai had faced a lot of backlash on his comment where he compared himself to a ‘raped woman’ to express his fatigue due to the shooting schedule of Sultan.

This year he feels his experience at the shooting of his upcoming movie, Tubelight was even more grueling and tiresome, where he compares his situation with that of a breakup, saying that “it was more draining than a breakup”, in an interview with DNA.

While an actor’s job is certainly one of the most difficult ones, where s/he has to continuously go through a wave of emotions and keep switching between them in a short span of time, it is awkward and sometimes even unjust and unfair to compare acting experiences with real-life situations.

With all due respect, Salman, a breakup takes an emotional toll on you because you have had invested a lot of your time, emotions and energy for a relationship and after a breakup, it be for whatever reason, you cannot seem to come out of it for quite some time. Everyone reacts differently to a breakup  – while some might get into a rebound, there are some who would cry for hours and eagerly wait for a single message or phone call from their ex, while there are others who would pretend to go about their daily chores, bottling up their emotions like nothing ever happened. Did any of this happen to you while you were shooting for ‘Tubelight’? If not, then how can you compare your experience to something as emotionally draining as a breakup?

If, it is for the tearful scenes in the movie that you had to enact while shooting that you are referring to a breakup, the latter is much more than just ‘weeping’! After a breakup, crying or not, you take time to move on with your life and by moving on, I do not mean having another partner. You take time as a person to come out of that phase in your life and become a stronger person – evolve. Your shooting experience might have made you evolve as an actor but it certainly did not change your persona and your attitude towards life and relationships.

So how is your experience more draining than a breakup?

Just like I failed to understand how your shooting experience for ‘Sultan’ made you feel like a ‘raped woman’ (a deplorable thing to say, knowing you could have never felt what ‘a raped woman’ must have gone through), I fail to feel your pain and inner turmoil when you again compare your shoot schedule and retakes for ‘expressing emotions’ to a breakup. Guess you never have been through a real one!

Considering the epic flak you received in your previous ‘raped woman’ comment, isn’t it time, Salman bhai, that you rethink your far-fetched comparisons and maybe, just maybe, stop making any for a while?

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