What trump saves Trump from being trumped?

My brain is completely trampled by all the questions and statements surrounding our man – Donald Trump. Some people just have this knack of being in trouble, or should I say being the trouble. Every time you pick up a newspaper, switch to a news channel or click open a news webpage – you read about him and trouble. They are always together.

The most recent of the lot is about him leaking some ISIS-related classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador to US. This news took the US political system by storm and strong reactions came pouring from all ends.

Exactly when people were left surmising about this event, the US President tweeted to uphold his actions as “sharing facts” with the Russian representatives. He confirmed that he shared information pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety and he sees nothing wrong with that and calling it “an absolute right”.

While we think of the newly elected president as the troublemaker, ever wondered why does everything link back to the Russians!

Trumps win shocked the sane in the world so much that they floated theories that his uninterrupted win was a result of some kind of Russian prying. During this controversy, the Russian ambassador played an integral part in Trump’s campaign and the election meddling by Russia.

Cut to the president taking special interest in the country where his predecessors hadn’t bothered much about. And now, new allegations of him leaking confidential data. Wonder how the Russians are always managing the limelight for not so good reasons!

If the conspiracy theories are to be believed, then it looks like Trump has found an ally akin to his own likes. Everyone else from the White House is not only denying discussing military operations but is also tagging this report as – a Fake Story and Complete Nonsense.

These controversies make us wonder about what is cooking in this man’s head! We ponder about how long before he is actually asked to leave the office that bears not only the responsibility of an entire nation, but also of the country that superiorly navigates the world.

What if all of the above is merely a guess or something people secretly wish? But, as long as he reigns, he won’t fail to surprise or shock us with his antics.

The cherry on the cake is Trump’s sudden budding positivity towards the Middle East. While Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen are knocking on the US door for entry, the president has no intention to lift the ban on travelers and refugees from the above listed countries. So much love for the Muslim community. Definitely not a surprise to anyone after he comfortably passed insults directed at Muslims. But guess what – He is unpredictable.

Voila, the US president goes to meet the man he accused of wanting to control US politicians with his daddy’s money and visit the country he blamed for blowing up the World Trade Center.

He said it was a meet to cement friendship and rekindle the old rapport with the Saudi Monarchy. Good luck with that! If reports are to be believed, Trump arrived in Saudi Arabia with gifts worth above $100 bn. Yes, he hopes for the largest ever arms sales deal in the history of America.

But, isn’t that being racist again? Taking weapons to the country you accuse of blowing up your own.

To reiterate, who knows what’s in that head!

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1 Comment

  1. Girish Kalamati

    May 17, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Awesome write-up

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