Belieb it or not – Justin Beiber got lip-syncing wrong!

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Yeah I know that I let you down

Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?

All we heard whole of last week was A-to-Z about Justin Bieber coming to India. Our social media newsfeed was inundated with posts and pictures of the Canadian pop star while news channels incessantly ran clips of Beliebers sharing their excitement about the concert. So much so that while I was at a café reading, a couple sitting on the table next to mine was also discussing about the upcoming Bieber concert.

If it isn’t evident yet, I would like to clarify that I am not a Belieber. But, in all honesty, I don’t really care about him so much to either sing praises or pass slanders. Some of his tracks are catchy and that’s that. It doesn’t go beyond there.

But, as a fan, I would like to take a minute (in fact, more than just a minute) and say that it was not at all fair to all those people who spent out of their pockets to go watch him perform live because it definitely didn’t go as planned.

This was Bieber’s first ever concert in India. It was advertised, publicized and almost glorified for not just his fans but also, every other person in the country. About 56 thousand people crowded into the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai for nothing but disappointment. Had they known this, they would just YouTube him for free.

Even before Bieber arrived in Mumbai, there was news about him bringing his entire house along. I read an article that talked about him having his refrigerator transported transnationally. Don’t we have refrigerators in this country or are they not frigid enough?

I think what we missed while we read and watched these reports is that it visibly displayed his callous attitude towards being here in the first place. Wonder if he was forced to come here or was the opulent sum of money offered still upsetting to him?

What was the purpose of the Purpose Tour after all? Cause not much was achieved out of it.

The last thing a fan wants is to see is his or her idol act thankless and unresponsive. The concert goers not only complained about his failed attempt at lip-syncing but were also upset over his cavalier behavior when he didn’t even try to lip sync and wiped his mouth with a towel in the middle of a song.

Beliebers spent between 5,000 to 75,000 rupees to watch him perform live. Or wait, was it to just watch him live because his performance was nothing like how a live performance should be. Also, from the looks of it, seems like his fans made more efforts to look good that night than he. Bieber was seen bouncing about the stage in casual shorts and a T-shirt.

Nobody is asking you to glitter up or put on a leather jacket that could probably kill you in this heat, but why would you walk on stage sporting a gym look? Let’s assume you didn’t have a stylist, the organizers could definitely arrange for a stylist along side the refrigerator.

Sadly, a gargantuan population of 1.3 billion that certainly has a huge portion of Beliebers, does not interest nor offers any value to the Canadian pop superstar.

Two things are certain after this concert – Fans will contemplate several times before investing on tickets next time and Bieber isn’t coming to India for a while now or he wouldn’t straight rush to the airport from the stadium.

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