LinkedIn is NOT Just a Job Site

Social networking sites are public platforms that serve two types of people – people who want to show and tell and people who want know and dig. It is the best way to announce the significant happenings of your life and also, the key place where you could find out all about someone you haven’t seen in 15 years. Besides the show and seek, there are many expectations that members have from these networking sites.

LinkedIn, being the professional equal for the other social networks, has been treated as a job site by many and is considered a job hunting platform even today. However, our inability to recognize the diverse uses of this social platform has resulted in LinkedIn being underused as a social networking site.

As members, we can employ it in so many different ways and achieve maximum results from it. Some of the primary and most basic functionalities of LinkedIn are:

Find, meet and interact with like-minded individuals 

This is the best place to spot people who take interest in the same things as you. LinkedIn is an ocean of professionals from different walks of life. Look up people who have similar educational background as yours or currently pursue the same career or maybe individuals who have switched to a comparable career. Connect with people from all across and learn a thing or two from their experiences and their journey.

Borrow knowledge and share expertise

Social platforms are the best places to create virtual communities. Get together to share information, knowledge, ideas or even learnings derived from failures. Create a community and discuss about your field of expertise or common interests. It is beneficial to even exchange ideas and information about other fields of expertise that may help you learn something new to add value to what you do professionally.


Look beyond the picture. It is good to connect with people who share common interests as you. But, it’s way more constructive for you professionally to link up with experts from different areas of knowledge who can constructively contribute to your professional growth and vice versa. For instance, if you are a content specialist, you should look out for business development professionals, branding professionals, corporate communications specialists, tech professionals, marketers, graphic designers and so on. These are connections with completely different choice of careers, but, if you collaborate with like minded individuals, you can kick start new ventures and begin something of your own. Even if you don’t delve into entrepreneurial relationships with these people, you can learn new, unrelated skills from each other. Gain perspectives on different things from one another and borrow skills to a basic level of learning.

Share infotaining content

Show time! Exchange and share informative and entertaining material with each other. Content is the king across professions and knowledge areas. Post content (videos, articles, blogs, infographics, photo posters, etc.) that boost the scope for learning and improvement, however, in an entertaining way. It isn’t necessary to always post formal or professional publications, make LinkedIn your own canvas and post your personal learnings that you have gained from your own professional experiences.


LinkedIn is so much more than a standardized professional social networking platform. The sooner we recognize its true potential and exploit the platform to the fullest, we will begin gaining positively from it.

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