Politicians Who Think It Is OK to ‘Lapet’ Their Voters

From L to R: Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and Mulayam Singh Yadav

Who have we voted for? No, seriously, who have we voted for? Were we having a hangover or sleepwalking our way to the poll booths when we chose the politicians we did to be our leaders? Some of them have said things that range from being downright outrageous, to views that incite violence, to false promises, lies, and crass and stupid comments. Stupid would be an understatement – they’re more like foot-in-the-mouth stupid.

It makes me wonder what sort of a delusional world these politicians are living in that drive them to make such statements. I don’t know if some of these remarks are even worthy of objection and criticism.

Here’s a combination of some of the most irrational (to say the least) comments. After all, who doesn’t like a good laugh?

1. Rahul Gandhi

  • “Poverty is a state of mind. It should not be related to scarcity of food or materialistic things.”

It seems that you have been attending the worst sociology class ever, honourable Rahul ji. While you believe that confidence is the key to overcoming poverty, I am shocked at how confidently you make such boorish statements in full public view.

  • “Politics is in your shirts, it is in your pants.”

In an address to the youth, Gandhi said that the problem in Indian politics is that the youth is not a part of it. The Congress apparently will bridge the gap and make us realise why politics is everywhere. Even in our shirts and pants! Just be careful to make sure that politics doesn’t fall out of your pockets!

  • “India is a beehive, China is an elephant. A beehive is stronger than an elephant, so India is a superpower.”

India has been termed a lot of things, from being the world’s sixth-largest economy to being the most populous democracy. But you are truly original when it comes to creating comparisons, Mr. Gandhi! India is a beehive and all Indians are bees. Do you realise what that makes you?

  • “Congress is a funny party.”

Yes, this one we are quite sure of, seeing as how you are one of its prominent (certainly not eminent) leaders!

2. Mamata Banerjee

  • Called University students “Maoists” for asking her uncomfortable questions

Abruptly stopping a TV interview, Mamata suddenly decided that students interviewing her were from a Maoist group! Let me refrain myself from saying anything, lest I am termed a Naxalite next!

  • “Rapes happen because men and women interact more freely.”
    Did anybody ever tell you Didi, that the opposite could be true instead?

3. Anisur Rehman

“We have told the Chief Minister in the assembly that the government will pay money to compensate rape victims. What is your fee? If you are raped, what will be your fee?”

A simple question: What is your fee to speak about subjects you don’t have an iota of knowledge about? Or is it muft ka gyaan, Mr. Rehman?

4. Mulayam Singh Yadav

  • “If my party comes to power, I’d do away with death penalty for rapists. Ladke hai, ladkon se galti ho jaati hai.”

You probably forgot, Mulayam ji, that you were in a position of power when you said this back in 2014 (we don’t have a choice even now). But we can never forget the level of stupidity and insensitivity that led you to believe that “boys will be boys” and rape is just a mistake, while for girls, you have all laws put to test.

  • “Matrimonial ads also ask for fair-skin brides.”

Are you, of all people, lamenting about India’s obsession with fair skin? What did you even mean when you said that Leslie Udwin (for the uninitiated, she directed BBC’s controversial documentary, India’s Daughter) was permitted to shoot in Tihar Jail because “she was a fair-skinned woman” for whom “all doors open”. First, you pass sexist comments, and then you complain about India being fairness obsessed?

You also think that south Indian women are beautiful because they know how to dance, and rural women will not get a chance to progress because they are not as attractive as their urban counterparts? For your kind information, Mr. Minister, none of us Indian women need a beauty certificate, and especially not from you!

5. Sakshi Maharaj

“Every Hindu woman should have four children to keep the group’s numbers dominant.”

Yes, women are baby-producing machines, and children are born only to make sure that their religion wins! As if the race to be the winning sperm was not enough!

6. Botsa Satyanarayana

“Stay indoors to prevent rape.”

After the Nirbhaya gang-rape incident, this is the best that this Congress leader could come up with. It might come as a shock to you, given your knowledge spectrum, but most crimes against women are committed by family members within the “safe” boundaries of what you consider “indoors”. Taking your opinions into account , should we have even expressed horror when you termed the Nirbhaya case a minor incident? That it sparked an outrage in India and beyond is just a coincidence, right?

7. Abhijit Mukherjee

“Dented and painted women”

Whatever crap you might have meant, the video where your sexist comment was berated during the Newshour debate sure made a lot of people happy, including me!

8. Akhilesh Yadav

“People had been telling me for many days to watch PK. I downloaded it…”

Like father, like son, should we say? Did anyone tell you anything about piracy being a crime? Oh, we forgot, Uttar Pradesh is a state with its own definition of crime.


Originally written for The Bayside Journal

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