Things that Would Still be in Trend If There Were No Smartphones

Technology has changed the world we live in, the way we think and function giving our lives a complete makeover. Generations have witnessed the gradual tech advancements and how it altered our day-to-day life step by step. Now with the constant inundation of inventions, we are literally living a life buried under these innovations.

We are a one-man army with our smart phones in our hands. You say it and we would find a way out of problems and way into the toughest challenges with just a few finger taps on our phones. While we found a way around living a life made simple, we had to trade the essence of our lives in exchange for this ease and comfort.

Imagine a life in a world without smartphones and count all those things that would still be useful and prevalent in our lives today.

We all love photos. Pictures of us, our loved ones, even portraits of people we don’t know. We enjoy being photographed as well as love capturing the beauty of a place or a moment. Family cameras and digi cams would still be in use if smartphones hadn’t replaced them making photography one of the simplest things possible now. With the old cameras, the family studios, photo development centres, have all faded away.

Time will change. Generations will pass. But, man’s struggle of waking up early at dawn will always be an existing issue. Side-table alarm clocks with a variety of tones would still be a hot sell in the market only if smartphones didn’t bring the same feature with more ease of a one-touch snooze.

What day is it on June 1st? Does your birthday fall on a Sunday this year? Could we plan a vacation in October? Bring the calendar and plan as you like. Gone are the days when we decorated homes with well-designed calendars and gifted reusable desk calendars to each other. There were cartoon-themed calendars for kids, photography calendars for those who liked aesthetic things and of course, hot bikini babe calendars in almost every teenage boy’s dorm room.

Home budgets, school work, office tasks, every household drawer had at least one calculator. At school as kids, we always wanted the fanciest calculator with the maximum features.

The good old diaries and notebooks where we planned our weeks in advance and wrote down reminders. It may have been replaced but, a true book lover still longs for the fresh smell of a new diary.

Before we could download all news apps on our handheld gadgets, newspapers and magazines were the easiest options of news consumption. Carry it around, read it whenever you like, get your own copy, refer to it later, all of these features seemed so comfortable until the apps invaded our lives making print primitive.


These are just six of the many things our smartphones have replaced. While we can’t imagine to lead a life like before, we have lost a lot of personalization in the bargain. We have converted ourselves into these mechanical beings without realizing. Everything has a price and so does the good life.

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