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8 Things You Need to Know as a Travel Novice!

These days there are so many travel enthusiasts. A lot of travel blogs compel you to take these occasional trips. A lot of people are quite passionate about traveling too. Recent studies have proven that travelling with your family or friends can be a life changing experience and a great stress buster. Keeping in line with this we bring you 8 things that you need to know as a travel enthusiast or a novice.

1) Be open for the best and the worst
You are a person and that is a new place. An unknown place brings new people and new people bring unexpected experiences. So prepare for both, the best and the worst. Never ever pick a fight or be rude to locals. Believe me, you don’t need that kind of an attention.

2) Take your essentials
Essentials can be anything from a tooth paste to getting a travel insurance. Know what is important to you. Prioritize and plan accordingly. You don’t want any last minute surprises. So, ladies stock up an extra pair or everything (Needless piece of information, though!)

3) Know your place well
Now, there are two kinds of travelers. One who painstakingly work on every little and the one who believes in just arriving. In whichever category you fall, understand that doing a little homework on the place that you wish to visit would not harm you in any manner. So, grab a book and a pen and note down everything you would like to visit or eat for that matter!

4) Keep your contacts ready
Contact with some locals if you can. Not all locals are welcoming! Trust me, I was once looted for parking in an open area just because someone claimed that the area belonged to them. Believe me, you suck it up and play along! So, you can get some surprises there. However, people are generally approachable but sense them well before you ask for anything! So choose wisely.

5) Prepare culturally
Now, this is something most of them won’t tell you. But, when you visit a place – dress accordingly. Period. You have to understand that if you are a single traveler, you don’t need unnecessary attention. Hence, pack your bags according to what is appropriate for the
Locals and avoid all unnecessary attention. Study their culture well and arrive prepared!

6) Stack some food
I once reached a busy city not so early in the morning and was utterly surprised to find no tea stalls open. The problem of staying in Mumbai is we take everything for granted even our tea stalls and vada pav. I missed them dearly then and I value them better now. Always have some food with you. You don’t want to start your journey on an empty stomach.

7) Focus on the bigger picture
We stress about the small things. Delays, unexpected experiences, difficult weather, troublesome people, traffic, everything in between can be challenging. Nonetheless, traveling is much more than that. It teaches you to admire the whole experience. See a different world. Make us uncomfortable and then make us a little more tolerant than who we are.

8) Never lose heart
Where there is a will, there is a way. Especially, when you are set to travel have a never say die attitude up your sleeve. If you don’t find your way through difficult situations, you lose on a lot of fun adventurous experiences. Be ready to travel on a truck, if need be! Just be up for it and you might have umpteen memories to go back home with.

Travelling makes us a better person in every way. A more adaptable and tolerant one. Definitely, a happier one. All of this only if done right. So, next time you plan a vacation read up on this list and add more to it if you will.

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