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A New Immigrant’s Experience Guidebook for Canada

Change is the most constant thing in life and life keeps changing on us while we are doing our best to strike a balance. It is all about making the shifts and the moves. We shift moods, move in and out of relationships, shift our thoughts, move and rearrange our plans and goals and we constantly play with change everyday of our lives. One such change came my way when I decided to move across continents and restart my life in Canada. While change may seem like a huge deal, it can always be dealt with a pinch of salt.

I set out and prepared well for the big move. But, these preparation can never be adequate. Somethings that you absolutely should do when you move Canada are:

Canada is super cold (Super 100x)

No amount of mental readiness is enough for this sort of cold. Canadian winters and deep refrigeration are synonymous. Lowest cooling temperatures on your room air conditioners are like Canadian summers. So, it would be ideal to just sit in the fridge and experience a brain freeze.

Toronnnooo is a lovely city (yes, lose the second T while saying it)

It takes absolutely no time to get used to this city. If you’re a city person who enjoys the pace and lax both. You are at the right place. Skyscrapers, old city structures, greens, shopping arenas and water by the bay, Toronto is home to all of these.

The tallest tower in the city, CN Tower is a stalker

Doesn’t matter where you go, what you do or even if you hide, you will find the CN Tower staring right back at you from which ever corner you are in. While in Toronto, you literally can’t escape this tower, it is viewable from every side of this city. And, why not, it’s an amazing view. So, stare right back at it. Who’s complaining!

Enjoy the disparity and the multi-culture

We most often tend to form our own clique and stick to our own people (Indians find Indians, Chinese people find each other, Arabs hang out with friends from back home). Why! Every Indian person you meet straight heads to Brampton and Mississauga in Ontario. It is best to enjoy the famous warm and welcoming nature of the Canadians. Mingle with communities other than your own and live within the disparities.

Unleash the artist or art-lover in you

Each one of us has a hidden artist in himself/herself. Toronto is the hub for people who perform arts of various kinds and for admirers of the performing arts. Don’t spend time 8-to-5 and then staring at TV screens. There’s so much more to enjoy in this city.

Bienvenue au Canada

Welcome! Welcome! And, it’s a golden chance to channel the curious learner in you and learn French. My 5-years of French in school and high school didn’t teach me to speak the language. Here are free French Language sessions to get your tongue rolling the smooth French way.


Take your leap of faith and make the big move, there’s a lot more waiting across the oceans for you.

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1 Comment

  1. Rinku

    May 25, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    Lady, You tempt me!

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