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Indulge in a trip alone in India with this checklist

For those who like living out of the suitcase, it is a must to travel solo too. For, travelling solo lends you a perspective, helps you stand up to your expectations of yourself, prepares you for the world a little more and after a successful solo trip, your family worries a little less for your ability to manage things perfectly.

But since you have to manage everything on your own while travelling alone, you need to be mindful of the luggage you carry, your tech items and of course, your safety especially if you are a woman traveler, given that in a country like India, women are advised to reach home before dusk.

Here is your checklist to travel solo yet safe in India:

  • Carrying minimal stuff with the things you need and nothing more will help you when you have to pack it all back. Also, what you pack, you will have to carry it with you throughout your journey. So it makes all the sense to carry only the bare minimum.
  • Travelling like a pro means travelling like you belong to the place. For this, you need to look more like a native than an outsider. Research and plan what all you need to carry according to the place you are travelling to. For example, if South India comes under your travel list, you might want to pack a traditional sari for the temple visits.
  • Book your accommodation and mark all the places you want to visit and set an itinerary for yourself, while also keeping your technology safe in a way that doesn’t garner attention from the locals. Share your itinerary and the details of your accommodation with your friends and family in the new place, for in case you face some safety issues.
  • Try and cover the major far-off destinations while there is still daylight and keep enough cash with you so that even if you are at a place that does not have ATMs or an eating joint that does not accept cards, you do not feel like you have reached the dead end.
  • You may want to have an idea about the place you are travelling to – the people, food, culture, your preferred place of stay, the places to visit from someone who has been there before or someone you know who lives there.  When there, keep a track of your daily expenses, carry all your medicines and keep a separate bag and envelopes for some emergency cash (always keep your cash in different places so that even if your luggage gets lost, you would not feel helpless), your passport and travel documents; the essential list also includes a pepper spray and a guide map or you can choose to download offline maps.

If for the first time that you are travelling alone, you are able to crack the deal, you would feel way more confident about the idea of travelling solo and will be better prepared for your future solo trips.

Solo travelling would let you indulge in your own whims and fancies, spontaneity, self-discoveries, adrenaline rush and more. You are responsible for your mistakes as well for your little and big victories!

Stay tuned to this space for some travelling destinations perfect for the restless soul in you – places that are adventurous, have a mystical charm and will stir that sense of independence in you, yet will keep you from harm’s way.

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