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Three Cheers to Bombay Boys for Marking India on the World Charts

~ Mit Bhatt and Nishant Patel own their spots in the international adventure sport scene ~

We all dream of out-of-the-world experiences, from wishing to fly like a kite to walking on water. Some of these unreal experiences can actually be made possible if you have the heart to try out adventure sports. This is precisely what the Founder and Managing Partner of “The Grand Vacationist” did. Nishant Patel and Mit Bhatt were resolute on following their dreams high and beneath while taking their adrenaline rush to another level all together.

The duo had barely left any of the regular adventures unexplored across land, sea and air. That’s precisely when Bhatt decided it was time for him to take up an extreme adventure. He packed his bags and set out to discover Russia through an epic experience that had been playing on his mind for a long time. All Bhatt needed was a Suborbital Flight in a MiG-29UB Fighter Jet to the Edge of Space touching the Stratosphere at Supersonic speeds followed by Top Gun Style Aerobatics. And, yes, he did it.

Ecstatic and overwhelmed with a sense of achievement on reaching the stratosphere, Bhatt couldn’t stop with his appreciation for the Top Guns in the Air Force and the Test Pilots. His 40 minutes of face off with the cloudy, snowy sky at 57, 000 ft altitude included maneuvers like, Loops, Rolls, Turns, Low Pass and Knife. Also, what’s worth bragging is that he had control of the flight for a whole minute.

While Mit Bhatt touched the sky, Nishant Patel chose to dive real deep but, with a twist. An avid cyclist, Patel had participated in plenty cycle races in India. It was during his completion of the Manali – Khardung La Race in Ladakh, India, at an altitude of 18,000 ft in August 2015, he challenged himself to take up something totally unbelievable. Having cycled on the world’s highest motor-able road, it was now time for Patel to defeat the depths. Motivated to pursue this endeavor and to get a taste of cycling underwater, he practiced underwater at 5-7m in Andaman, India, without any formal Scuba certification. He became even more determined about this pursuit when he found out that there was no record for something like this in India.

Patel left no stones unturned and especially for a challenge like this one, he needed to prepare harder than usual. To be able to break the record, he enrolled in a top notch PADI certified Dive Center in Puducherry, where he received his certification for PADI Open Water, Advance Open Water, Deep Diver and Enriched Air Diver in August 2016.

His final attempt was the pinnacle of all trials. It isn’t a cake walk when the surface is a rocky bottom with some fan corals on the path and you are required to lift your leg twice during cycling.

Patel said, “I nearly died at about 50 meters mark as I was exhausted due to the adrenaline rush & cycling at that depth, and I could feel my heart beating wildly.”

In times like these you need words of reassurance, he remembered his support diver’s words on the boat “to keep calm and cycle.” So he took a few seconds break, gathered his strength and raced to the finish line, completing the whole 100m (328 ft) distance in about 06 minutes 47 seconds. This was the most adventurous journey of Cyclist Nishant Patel who mapped a distance of 100 meters through 32.5 meters of depth under ocean creating the record for Deepest and Fastest Cycling Underwater on October 25th, 2016.

With adventure tales of young men from the city, don’t you feel more motivated and enthused to try something new? While we take pride in Bhatt’s and Patel’s achievements, it is never too late to awaken the adventure-lover in you.


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